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No user data is collected inside our app only Google AdSense ads are displayed.If these apps are used to upload any data to any website then they may ask for access permission but our website or apps do not collect any data are you taking permission to upload to website check it and give access permission by looking at website privacy policy policy.

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If you think any copyrighted websites are listed in our apps then don’t forget to let us know we will remove copyrighted websites from our apps.Copyright content will be removed from our apps within 24 hours.Contact US : [email protected]

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Inside our apps, we provide links to original websites. Just click and visit the official websites to see their original content. Here the app authority cannot upload any content or delete any content. The official website of the fully owned company is shown.Apps Authority does not store any data.The data that newspaper authorities upload on their official website is shown to you, apps authorities cannot upload any data
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